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On my 10th birthday I received a bicycle helmet which I promptly traded to a kid for some fireworks.  In the 1970’s kids with bike helmets would get beat up in my neighborhood. OK, maybe just teased really bad but still, it was a sign of being afraid or not being cool.

Oddly enough, a lot of adults still look at practicing safety as a sign of weakness.  As a first responder I observed first hand all the dangers that our highways can serve up to the unsuspecting motorist.  I also studied some great ways to avoid becoming a statistic.

I think one of the best ways to be safe is to talk about what we see on the roads as a motorcycle community.  What we do with the stories and information we receive is really a personal matter.  Choosing to do nothing is an action in itself; however, the reality is that the motorcyclist who remains complacent probably won’t suffer any consequences for that decision.  The people who know and love the motorcyclist will.

Our HOG Chapter is committed to having fun and riding safe.  If you are an experienced rider then we are more than interested to hear your stories. If you are just starting out and have riding questions then I will be committed to finding you the answer.  We ride, we talk about riding, we have guest speakers talk to us about riding, we ride some more, we talk about the people who talked to us about riding….you get the idea.  Through it all we have a good time.  Join us!

Jim “Batman” Dear